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Who is Nadia Shapiro?
As a Professional Psychic Medium, healer, author, and teacher, Nadia has been seen and heard on radio and television and has a vast clientele from all over the world. Nadia is able to help people connect with their loved ones on the other side for guidance, closure, or even just confirmation that there is life after death. Through her abilities she can make predictions and give information from a person’s loved ones, guides, and angels to help them make informed life choices and stay in accordance with their life path. Nadia has developed several psychic development courses and has found a passion for helping people transform their relationship with Spirit. Nadia believes everyone has the ability to listen and to hear their own intuition and has taught hundreds of people how to open up their own intuitive abilities. She is the author of the book  "Discovering Your Inner Psychic" and of meditation CD's "The Secret Room","The Time Beach Meditation", "OM", and "Crystal Program" which can be used for meeting your guides and opening up your psychic abilities.

Growing up in a loving, supportive house-hold with a mother who is also a medium, allowed her to explore her intuitive gifts. Around the age of 24 her abilities turned on full force after a near death experience and became heightened, opening up a direct communication with her guides and angels. Nadia’s contact with Spirit opened up and allowed her to enter into a whole new realm of communication. She then developed her abilities in the confines of the Spiritualist Church, a church for mediums. Soon after her abilities were opened, she made a significant discovery in her healing capabilities. Through practicing special techniques she has been able to heal many people from their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles. From that point on, she became a Professional Psychic Medium giving readings, healings, psychic development classes, speaking on the radio, writing articles and books, and is spreading her messages throughout the world.

Nadia has a passion for helping people remove their blocks and transform their lives. Nadia creates the possibility of a Universe full of people who live through their hearts and live lives of joy and fulfillment where we co-exist and co-create together in harmony. Nadia is committed to people discovering their true form and transforming their relationship with the Universe. Nadia focuses daily on empowering people to live in joy and abundance. Nadia invites you to use her techniques and practices to transform your life.


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